Winner Of The Three Counties Photography Exhibition 2017 Holds First One Man Show

This year’s winner of the Three Counties Photography Exhibition 2017, James Hall, is set to hold his first One Man Show “Pictorialism Revisited’ at local Art Gallery, Trent Art. His success at the Three Counties, the first time he had entered, follows on from one of his pictures being selected as a Portrait of Britain in last year’s national competition organised by the British Journal of Photography.

James’s work explores the boundaries between painting, drawing and photography to create unique and original images. He takes his influences from art of the past to revisit the aesthetics of Pictorialism in a contemporary context. James explains, “My tools are photography and digital technology but I am a picture-maker, not a photographer. The boundaries between painting and photographer have largely disappeared. They are fusing together and I want to explore the opportunities created by that fusion.”

“The starting point for my pictures is frequently a great painting or photograph from the past which has inspired me with a strong narrative or a wonderful composition. I reject the contemporary obessesion with novelty and strongly believe that every artist needs to needs to start with an understand of what has gone before”.

James is self-taught but grew up surrounded by art, his father was the Keeper of the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. His One Man Show will include Narrative Pictures inspired by Old Masters, Photo Paintings and Portraits.

James acknowledges that as his confidence in his own work builds he is happy to break away from original concepts and become less constrained. He comments “I am increasingly excited about digital painting integrated into photography as a means of dissolving the boundaries between painting and photography.”
James Hall Exhibition titled “Pictorialism Revisited’ will run from Friday 17th March – 31st March at Trent Art Gallery, 19 Brunswick Street, Newcastle under Lyme.

Adoration of The Keepers, James Hall

Adoration of The Keepers, James Hall

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