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Bez, David (1966) Stoke Dusk

Medium:  Mixed Media

Size: 10.0″ x 10.0″ (25.4cm x 25.4cm)

Signed: Yes

Framed: Yes

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Product Description
Bez, David was born and raised in Manchester, David was encouraged to paint from an early age by his mother and still has work that he painted from his childhood, dating back to the age of four, which shows a remarkable ability to use line and colour.

After leaving school he completed a course in Graphic Design at Stockport College of Art and is a B.A Graduate of Manchester Polytechnic.

David is now a full time working artist, illustrator and glass designer who finds working and experimenting in these contrasting areas both challenging and exciting. He says,”I find operating in these spheres enables me to reappraise my work and to mix and match from all. I find this approach keeps my work fresh and dynamic.”

David’s work draws inspiration from the urban, industrial and pastoral landscapes in and around his home , David utilizes a Faux Vitrial process, hand embellishing with silicates and resins, This process adds a depth and richness to the paintings, giving a unique and exclusive finish to his work.

Come down to the gallery to view some of David’s work.
All of David’s work is available to purchase online, viewing in person is recommended to get a full feel for the piece.

View David Bez talking about his popular and recent works in this short documentary we made with him.