Lowry comes to Stoke on Trent

Great news for Stoke on Trent as the The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery announces a nationally important exhibition that will feature the works by L.S Lowry and his local counterpart Arthur Berry.

These two great artists will be seen for the first time together, the exhibition “Observations of Urban Life” will run from 25th July 2015 – Sunday 10 January 2016.

This exhibition will be a fantastic showcase. L S Lowry’s place as the founder of the Northern School of art is undisputed whilst Arthur Berry is also one of the most important artists of his generation from Stoke on Trent. Berry’s creative work was deeply rooted in the culture, people and landscape of the industrial pottery towns and he has often been described as the ‘Lowry of The Potteries’. He was known to be good friends with artist L.S Lowry and often took groups of his students to visit Lowry’s studio.

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