Born 1982, Rob Pointon has been painting since he was a child under the tutelage of his artist Grandmother. Then, as an adult, he graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Fine Art from Aberystwyth University. He went on to study at The Royal Drawing School in London.

He has been a full time professional artist since 2006 and Rob’s skills have developed through his work on locations all around the UK and abroad. Originally from the Staffordshire moorlands Rob is now based in South Cheshire.

Rob paints entirely en plein air and has a particular interest in the use of multiple point perspective and movement within his paintings.

Painting on location brings an added dynamic to his work, galvanised by the engagement with the passing audience who can witness the development of a painting as it happens.

As well as the RBSA, Rob Pointon is a member of MAFA (Manchester Academy of Fine Arts) and exhibits regularly in the ROI and NEAC exhibitions. Between 2016-2019 he was the International Artist in Residence for Manchester Airport. He travelled to different direct destinations and brought back exhibitions of work to be showcased in the terminals.

Rob Pointon is without question one of the most exciting artists working and living in the UK. His exceptional talents have been recognised by a host of commissions and acquisitions by high profile collectors. The list is headed by HRH The Prince of Wales and Her Grace Deborah, Duchess of Devonshire.”  GARETH J.L.WILLIAMS M.A.  Curator and Head of Learning to the Weston Park Foundation

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  • Conwy Harbour, Rob Pointon Sold Out

    Pointon Rob ( ) Conwy Harbour

  • Night Match at the Brit, Rob Pointon

    Pointon Rob ( ) Night Match at the Brit

  • The Warmest Seat in Nantwich, Rob Pointon

    Pointon Rob ( ) The Warmest Seat in Nantwich

  • Trams Turning, Rob Pointon Sold Out

    Pointon Rob ( ) Trams Turning

  • Sunset Over the Corniche, Rob Pointon

    Pointon Rob (1982 – ) Sunset Over the Corniche

  • Footbridge to Piccadilly, Rob Pointon Sold Out

    Pointon Rob, ( ) Footbridge to Piccadilly

  • Home Time, Rob Pointon Sold Out

    Pointon Rob, Home Time

  • Hot Dog Cart 5th Avenue NYC, Rob Pointon

    Pointon Rob, Hot Dog Cart 5th Avenue NYC

  • Times Square Chaos, NY, Rob Pointon

    Pointon Rob, Times Square Chaos, NY

  • Potter at the Wheel IV, Rob Pointon Sold Out

    Pointon, Rob ( ) Potter at the Wheel IV

  • Boris' Fish Pond, Rob Pointon Sold Out

    Pointon, Rob ( ) Boris’ Fish Pond

  • Western Concourse, King’s Cross, Rob Pointon Sold Out

    Pointon, Rob ( ) Western Concourse, King’s Cross