Originally from Newcastle, Malcolm Croft was raised in Leeds. After studying photography at art college, Croft went on to work in Fleet Street, London. He rose to the top of his profession and won the Press Photographer of the Year award in 1997.

However, this career was cut short following a serious cycling accident. During his recuperation Croft began to paint. It was a way of working with art and imagery, but without the physical demands of being a press photographer. His early experiments were to lead to an almost obsessive compulsion to paint; it’s what consumes his days.

His very individual style is derived from the observation and love of stained glass windows – the solid black outline and application of bold colour are clearly reminiscent. It’s this boldness and confidence that sets his work apart and makes it instantly recognisable.

Malcolm Croft’s paintings have found tremendous success over the past ten years. He’s had several sell-out shows in the north of England and most recently in France. Croft has also been featured on both BBC TV and Radio with his work also being shortlisted for the highly prestigious John Moores Contemporary Painting Prize, a real recognition of his talent.

Malcolm is now based on the Languedoc region of France.

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    Croft, Malcolm (1964 – ) Tomatoes in a Collander