Ghislaine studied Fine Art at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne. She is best known for her ground-breaking exhibition concerning pregnancy and birth, the first of its kind, at Manchester City Art Gallery, A Shared Experience.

A painter of powerful and expressive means, she has shown her large cycle of paintings The Stations of the Cross / The Captive Figure to great acclaim at the two Liverpool Cathedrals and at Canterbury Cathedral and at Gloucester Cathedral.

In 2001 she was granted an Arts Council Year of the Artist Award which allowed her to work in a Women’s Refuge from Domestic Violence, she was also Artist in Residence at the B.B.C. during the year 2000/1.

She has featured in various publications and television documentaries including Mischa Scorer’s Degas: An Old Man Mad About Art, with Richard Kendall, Omnibus, 1996 and was part of the team that produced Degas and The Dance, in 2004 which has been awarded the prestigious Peabody Award. Her work is in many public and private collections including The Royal Collection.

Ghislaine Howard was named as a Woman of The Year in 2008 for her contribution to art and society.

More of Ghislaine’s works can be found here at the Art UK website

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  • Tang Horse, Ghislaine Howard Sold Out

    Howard, Ghislaine (1953 – ) Tang Horse

  • Wedding Feast, Threepenny Opera, Contact Theatre Manchester 1994, Ghislaine Howard

    Howard, Ghislaine (1953 – ) Wedding Feast, Threepenny Opera, Contact Theatre Manchester 1994

  • 0669

    Howard, Ghislaine (1953 – ) Actor in Rehersal

  • 0666

    Howard, Ghislaine (1953 – ) Algerian School Children (365 Series)

  • 0665

    Howard, Ghislaine (1953 – ) Archaic Torso of Apollo

  • 0668

    Howard, Ghislaine (1953 – ) Chinese Horse

  • 0670

    Howard, Ghislaine (1953 – ) Couple Arm in Arm

  • 0667

    Howard, Ghislaine (1953 – ) Riot Policeman (365 Series)

  • 0671

    Howard, Ghislaine (1953 – ) San Marco Horse (2106)

  • Study For The Return Of The Prodigal Son, Ghislaine Howard

    Howard, Ghislaine (1953 – ) Study For The Return Of The Prodigal Son

  • Ghislaine Howard The Human Touch by Michael Howard

    Howard, Ghislaine (1953 – ) The Human Touch by Michael Howard (Book)